Rocha Pear

Rocha Pear

Portugal’s West Coast flavour to the world.

Rocha Pear

Pyrus communis L.

Rocha Pear is a fruit from the West Coast of Portugal, an area of Protected Designation of Origin, known almost all over the world. Our edaphoclimatic features and our agents’ expertise are determinant conditions in obtaining this fruits exceptional organoleptic qualities, appreciated and recognized worldwide.

It is a highly attractive and appetizing fruit, and can be eaten while greener, crisper and fresher, or when more yellowish and aromatic, easily adapted in juices, smoothies, salads and purees. Rocha pear has a white, non-acid pulp, is very juicy and lightly scented.

This fruit has refreshing, satiating and diuretic functional properties, due to its high fibre and low calorie content. Its epidermis has a naturally beautiful grimace over the base providing it with its typical rusticity. The pleasure of consuming such a tasteful and fresh fruit is combined with its richness in Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium and other nutrients.

Rocha pear has significant durability and endurance to transportation and handling when harvested in its ideal state of maturation, allowing its exportation from Portugal to all over the world, while maintaining its features and adaptability to modern food distribution systems.

The Portuguese production area is currently approximately 12 thousand hectares and its represents nearly 200 thousand tons of produce, being the majority for exportation to other continents.

Our orchards are located at the heart of the West Coast and our pears are produced on Integrated Production Mode, by resorting to many years of know-how and the in-depth knowledge of both tree and fruit, by our fruit growers, and of innovative techniques, with constant technical monitoring, ensuring simultaneously environmental sustainability and respect for the workers, with the main purpose of producing high quality tasty fruit, certified to the highest standards of food safety.

Our Rocha Pear’s are available from August to June, in a market near you.
Look for them and prepare yourself for a surprising experience!


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